Traveling Light Photography
Quiet Wilderness


My name is Jeff Hammond and I am a Greenville, SC based photographer and I can say I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Photography and I have been on a very long journey traveling the same path but did not truly connect until a few years ago. To be able to photograph our world as a full time career is a dream come true. I am passionate about photography and I hope you can feel some of the beauty I have felt while photographing these people and places. One of the most surprising aspects of my photographs is not the original angles or even the lighting, but that each photograph is a piece of art and speaks something different to each person. How others interpret my different images has been a beautiful experience. I hope my work tells a story and stirs your emotions.

“Sometimes life is not about the destination, but about the journey designed to take you there”

I am available for all types of assignments and can be reached at
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